Peeko Oysters

The One Nighter (50 Oysters)

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Perfect for dinner parties and small gatherings. Harvested daily from our waters and available for overnight shipping. Fresh for 10-14 days.

UPDATE: If you're looking for local pickup, click here.

Straight out of Little Peconic Bay, our oysters have deep-cupped bottom shells that build incredible flavor. We like to think of them as “full pockets.” The golden color palette typically has white and umber hues that resemble a freshly baked croissant.

Our liquor—the technical term for the natural liquid inside the shell—is refreshing and salty, but not overpowering. The balanced brine adds a perfect touch of sea, alluding to the North Fork’s storied harbors. We suggest you slurp everything down with the oyster, just as nature intended.

Peekos begin with a gentle punch of freshness and end with a sweet finish. We prefer our oysters naked, but a squeeze of lemon always adds an exciting twist!

UPDATE: If you're looking for local pickup, click here.