Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


We ship all over the U.S., but with one caveat: this is not Amazon. Our small team's farming schedule is dependent on weather, tidal patterns and other realities of aquaculture that are entirely out of our control.

With that in mind, here's a few guidelines to make your Peeko order a breeze:

  • When you place an order, you'll be prompted to select a desired delivery date. Once your order is submitted, our team will schedule the fulfillment and (if everything goes smoothly with our shipping partners) your oysters will arrive between 10am and 9pm on the date you selected.
  • Delivery date options are limited. You can always select a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday arrival. The only exception are holiday weeks (see next bullet point). Saturday, Sunday and Monday arrivals are not available.
  • Holiday weekends often complicate the shipping process. We are dependent on shipping companies that observe national and other holidays. We recommend you select a delivery day 1-2 days prior to the holiday. If you're not sure when to order your Peekos for an upcoming holiday, please email us at
  • We have an order cutoff. Orders placed after 12:00PM EST will ship the following day.
  • Our team will do everything in our power to ensure a successful delivery. Having said that, we can't take responsibility for any mistakes or failures made by our shipping providers once the package leaves our hands. Please keep this in mind when placing an order.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out. If you're still not sure when to order your Peekos, please email us at

No. Your oysters will arrive unshucked.

If you haven't placed an order yet, make sure you add a Shucking Knife to your order. 

If you've placed your order but it hasn't shipped yet, send us an email at and ask us to add a shucking knife. 

If your order has already shipped, you can pick up a shucking knife at most grocery stores or seafood markets. 

If you don't have time to go to the store, you can still open the oysters without a shucking knife. Check out our video here for the scoop!


For more information on how to store and refrigerate your oysters after they arrive, check out this video. If you follow these instructions, your oysters will stay fresh for 10-14 days.